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He subsequently had major UK success with Gary Moore with the song " Out in the Fields ", followed by the minor hit "Nineteen", before his death on 4 January 1986. He remains a popular figure in the rock world, and in 2005, a statue in his memory was erected in Dublin.

“Part of Vanessa is really having a laugh at Johnny and his disaster of a love life. He left her for Amber and now he’s getting what he deserves,” a source tells us. “Unfortunately she can’t totally enjoy this moment . Part of her is furious with Johnny for being so reckless and dumb with his money. He exposed himself by not having a prenup and now he and their children and future grandchildren will suffer because of it. He’s going to lose millions of dollars of his kids inheritance.” We were definitely surprised to learn that Johnny did not have a prenup considering he is worth over $400 million.

Johnny Parris Together LoveJohnny Parris Together LoveJohnny Parris Together LoveJohnny Parris Together Love